Check Out Chill, a for Videos

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Entrepreneurs are rapidly pushing the boundaries on how ‘social’ our ‘media’ experience can be.

But this goes way beyond audio, just like music itself.  And now, just moments after hit the scene, there’s another ‘variation,’ shall we say.  It comes from Chill, which has just built a for videos.

This actually launched within the last 24 hours, and the team is keeping participation small. Chill initially started out like, allowing those with a Facebook friend on the inside to participate.  But as of Friday morning, the doors have been totally sealed because of server capacity concerns.

The idea could be a brilliant translation of existing habits.  People are constantly watching and communicating around videos, so why not give them that video in a shared space?  The idea was actually born while the company was tinkering with another social concept Namesake.  “On April 20th, the puzzle pieces started to come together,” Chill’s Brian Norgard relayed.  “President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and 700 Facebook employees gathered at Facebook HQ to hold a Town Hall Meeting organized by the White House. The event was livestreamed.

“What happened next changed how we viewed the world. On Namesake, there were hundreds of our users sharing interesting conversation around the event as they watched it together. We realized that video – much like images and text – with a dash of alchemy can be made into a social experience.”