The Latest: OneSheet, Bandwidth, CMT, Righsflow,

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Brenden Mulligan startup OneSheet is now buzzing out of private beta, with Matt Kearney, Owl City, and Paramore among the 10,000 early-adopters.

In a nutshell, the concept allows artists to create centralized, easy webpages that pull elements from a variety of sources like Facebook and Twitter.

The action continued at Bandwidth in San Francisco on Tuesday, with discussion leaders coming from Spotify and Ticketfly, among others.   And, top executives from Grooveshark,, Facebook, Universal Republic, Atlantic Records, and Superfly Presents were also bumping around.  More ahead.

CMT has just tapped Leslie Fram as Senior Vice President of Music Strategy.  Fram, former program director and co-host at WXRP, replaces Jay Frank.

In New York, Rightsflow has just elevated Michael Kauffman to Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Content, and Chris Lydle to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Also, blog-focused ‘audio magazine’ is getting a bit of a facelift today.  Sort of in the general playing field of and hypem, Shuffler’s been dubbed ‘the more personable Pandora’…