The Urgent Need for Anti-Piracy Measures, In 1971

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You may be too young to remember this, but…

Here’s an article plucked from the dusty archives of Billboard, specifically May 15th, 1971 (it cost $1.25 newsstand.) The article discusses the urgent anti-piracy issues of the moment, including the need to grant broader copyrights on recordings to protect against a surging piracy problem.

By 1970, the piracy problem had more than tripled.  “Senator Scott pointed out the rapidly increasing phenomenon of record piracy, from $30 million in 1968 to a record $100 million in 1970, with one out of every four tapes believed to be a pirated product,” the article notes.  “‘The recording industry, artists, musicians, performers, and record distributors are all facing a massive economic challenge from record pirates,” the Senator continued.  Those recording protections were soon granted on federal (and international) levels.