Who Announced What at #SFMusicTech

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Here are just a few of the developments and notable notes from SF MusicTech…


The Orchard has just launched its ‘Marketplace,’ a stepped-up distribution API that includes twenty partners.  The list includes FanBridge, Moontoast, BandRx, Ganxy and Songpier, among others, more at theorchard.com/marketplace.

NARM has just unwrapped digitalmusic.org, a hub for its various digital initiatives and partners.

The Future of Music Coalition is spreading the word on its Artist Revenue Streams survey.  More at futureofmusic.org.

8tracks users can now tap millions of SoundCloud songs, thanks to a just-announced handshake between the companies. “We think this kind of creative connection between the creators, curators and listeners is where digital music is heading,” said 8tracks founder David Porter.

Thinglink, a startup built around ‘in-image’ rich media, has launched image-integrated ecommerce tagging for iTunes and Topspin.  Which means that artists can now link to those stores from any image.  And, that includes just-added Soundcloud profiles.

…and, for kicks, here are some of my favorite tweets from #sfmusictech so far.


“The word “simple” being thrown around alot at #sfmusictech.  Why is it such a complex task to make things simple?”


“Takeaway: many musicians are overwhelmed with all the products and services available to them.”


“We are all sitting here in this room with $5 Starbucks coffee cups complaining about the cost of Spotify ($9.99 a month).”


“I’m stuck with how many folks @SFMusicTech talk of clicks/impressions as engagement.  Music biz formal is becoming ad world.