A List of Former Major Label ‘New Media’ Executives

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Turns out Ted Mico’s got company… a lot of it.

And what a stressful gig: here’s a list of major label “new media” executives who were pushed, fired, or otherwise jumped ship over just the past few years.

* Robin Bechtel

Position: Head of New Media and New Business at Warner Bros. Records
Head of New Media at Capitol Records

* Darryl Berg

Position: Director, Business Development at EMI Music

* Jennifer Bird

Position: Sr. Director, Mobile at Warner Bros. Records
Sr. Director, New Media at Warner Bros. Records

* Eleanor Blattel

Position: Vice President, Digital Sales and Marketing at ADA (WMG)

* Ty Braswell

Position: Vice President at Virgin Records

* Jeffrey Bronikowski

Position: VP, Business Development, eLabs (UMG)

* Rio Caraeff

Position: EVP, eLabs at Universal Music Group
VP, GM, & Founder at Universal Music Mobile

* Ted Cohen

Position: SVP Digital Development at EMI Music

* Brian Cullinan

Position: Vice President, Online and Digital Marketing at Columbia Records

* Aaron Foreman

Position: Head of Digital Marketing at Interscope
Head of New Media at Geffen Records
VP of New Media at MCA Records

* Thomas Gewecke

Position: SVP, Digital Business Group, Sony BMG

* Mark Ghuneim

Position: SVP of Online and Emerging Technology, Sony Music Entertainment

* Nina Guaralnick

Position: Head of New Media at DreamWorks Records

* John Hammond

Position: Senior Director, New Media at Sony BMG Music

* Liz Heller

Position: Executive Vice President at Capitol Records

* Courtney Holt

Position: SVP New Media & Strategic Marketing at Interscope Geffen A&M (UMG)

* Jack Isquith

Position: SVP Digital Music at Warner Bros. Records

* Ethan Kaplan

Position: SVP of Emerging Technology, Warner Bros. Records

* Larry Kenswil

Position: Executive Vice President at Universal Music Group
President, UMG-owned eLabs

* Andrew Maines

Position: Head of New Media at Interscope Records

* Douglas Merrill

Position: President, Digital, COO, New Music at EMI Records

* Ted Mico

Position: EVP, Interscope Geffen A&M (UMG)

* Michael Nash

Position: EVP of Digital Strategy and Business Development, Warner Music Group

* Corey Ondrejka

Position: EVP Global Digital Marketing at EMI Music

* Thomas Ryan

Position: Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy and Development at EMI Music

* Jay Samit

Position: President Digital Distribution at EMI

* Samantha Saturn

Position: Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing at Columbia Records

* Syd Schwartz

Position: Senior Vice President, Global Digital Marketing at EMI Music at EMI Music

* Jed Simon

Position: Vice President at Dreamworks Records

* Nikke Slight

Position: SVP, New Media, Atlantic Records (WMG)

* Jeremy Welt

Position: SVP Digital Marketing & Strategy at Warner Bros Records (WMG)

* Andreas Wettstein

Position: Vice President at Warner Music Group

* George White

Position: Senior Vice President, Strategy & Product Development, Warner Music Group

* Erin Yasgar

Position: SVP Digital Strategy & Partnerships at Interscope Geffen A&M
VP Marketing/New Media at Universal/Motown Records