Good Morning! Airtime, Rdio, Thomas, NY Phil, B.I.C., Super Bowl, M.D.N.A., Dylan, Shazam

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* Airtime, the stealth startup helmed by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, is getting ready for an unveiling.

Business Insider is pointing to a video chat concept, and a 20-employee cast that includes several Facebook expats.

* Guess who beat Spotify down under?  Rdio, which quietly launched an Australian version this week.

* That poor woman.  Longtime RIAA defendant Jammie Thomas now has another problem on her hands: the MPAA.  The Hollywood trade group has now joined an RIAA appeal against an earlier, $54,000 penalty, with the goal of reinstating a much higher, $1.5 million fine for 24 swapped songs.

* The New York Philharmonic found its performance of Mahler’s Ninth unceremoniously interrupted on Tuesday night.  The disruptor was a blaring, repeating marimba ringtone from a front-row iPhone, which prompted the conductor to stop the orchestra in the middle of the delicate fourth movement to address the issue.

* Introducing B.I.C., the youngest person to ever appear on a charting single.  Blue Ivy Carter, a few days old, is featured on the latest Jay-Z ode to his offspring, ‘Glory’.

* Kelly Clarkson is now slated to sing the National Anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI.  Separately, Madonna, the main performer at the Bowl, has just revealed the title of her upcoming album as M.D.N.A.

* Bob Dylan is now slated to perform at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, as part of a tribute to Martin Scorsese.

* Shazam is now branching far beyond recognition by launching a separate app called Shazam Player.  The newly-launched iOS app layers elements like streaming lyrics and social connectivity onto existing collections, among other aspects.