F–k You, AND Your Lawsuit: Grooveshark Is Now Launching an HTML5 App…

This is how you stick your middle finger right in the face of the major labels… and Apple. Grooveshark is now launching an HTML5-based iOS app, which runs on devices like the iPhone and iPad but doesn’t require approval from Apple, labels, or anyone else.  Last year, Apple refused to approve the Grooveshark app, reportedly because of heavy pressure from lead litigant Universal Music Group.

The solution?  A brower-based workaround.  So, instead of going through the App Store, the HTML5-based app is available straight from the iPhone Safari browser.  It hasn’t officially been released yet, though early early-adopters can try it out at html5.grooveshark.com#soopersecretbeta.


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Actually, this is part of a broader effort to circumvent not only Apple, but unfriendly gatekeepers like Google as well.  Google is also blocking Grooveshark access through the Android Market, a less damaging move considering that Android is an open mobile platform.  But, still a problem, which explains the workaround.  This was just posted on the Grooveshark blog.

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But… how is this app, anyway?  The answer is, not that great.  At least when compared to fully-developed apps like Spotify, which have the luxury of using the full iOS feature set.  Spotify’s app allows playlist access and creation, cacheing, graceful cover art and more, stuff that Grooveshark has been forced to do without.