She Who Laughs Last: Lana Del Ray Hits Number One In 14 Countries

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For every critic that poops on you, a thousand fans are born.

And the harsher the reviews, the stronger the defenders – and potential buyers.  Which might explain why Lana Del Ray’s latest album, Born to Die, just hit number one on iTunes in 14 different countries.  The list includes the US, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico, and Luxemburg.

Separately, the artist is expected to hit number two on the Billboard 200, just behind Adele.

Of course, the most bitter and vitriolic reviews followed Del Ray’s performance on Saturday Night Live, though we’ve heard mixed reviews on the album.  And Del Ray is now calmly defending both her performance and release.  “Your sweet words have softened the effect of even the harshest reviews,” the artist told her Facebook followers.  “I adore you.”

…and telling this to Rolling Stone about her SNL outing (RS’ critic Rob Sheffield told Del Ray’s “song doctors” to go “the f–k back to med school…”)

“I actually felt good about it. I thought I looked beautiful and sang fine.”

But where’s Spotify in all of this?  We couldn’t find the album this morning (in the US, at least), though perhaps this is just another ingestion delay. Stay tuned