Ditto Music Is Now Offering Free, Emergency Accounts to Tunecore Artists…

The following is a note from Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons, whose company is now offering free, emergency accounts to affected Tunecore customers.          

“You probably know that due to a dispute over royalties, Amazon has pulled ALL Tunecore content from their service in Europe and the UK…”

“Tunecore is a US company, so they might feel that with a high percentage of their customer base in the US,  and from CEO Jeff Price’s statement it appears that they think that this won’t be a big problem and it is their decision what they do with your music.

Well, from my years as a struggling musician, I know how stressful releasing music is, and I know that the slightest misstep by your distributor can cause major headaches. And its not fair.  You’ve paid your money in good faith, and you expect your distributor to provide you with a service, or at least to notify you prior to your music being removed.

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From what we can gather, and the guys at Tunecore can feel free to correct us here, but it seems that Tunecore no longer has an active contract with Amazon for UK and Europe.

We have checked with two publishers this morning and Amazon MCPS/PRS HAS been paid for Europe and UK, so your argument does not add up. This post on the Tunecore forum from the 25th shows a customer asking why their music was not on Amazon UK/EU and Peter Wells, Tunecore CEO knowing nothing about it.

Your music had already been pulled by Amazon a week ago, before Jeff released this statement.

“Any issues with contracts should have been sorted out months before this whole mess started.  For the record, we have been distributing to Amazon since 2006 and have never had an issue with them.  They have been fantastic at getting our artists’ content live and keeping it that way.”

I can only imagine how I would feel if this happened to my music.

So I’m opening the door to ALL TuneCore customers who previously had releases on Amazon and offering you FREE distribution to Amazon UK and Europe.

You won’t need to pull your Tunecore releases, you won’t have to pay any subscription charges, and we never take any percentage of your royalties. This a gesture from us, as fellow musicians, to help you out of a situation that is not your fault.

Here is all you need to do.

1. Go to www.dittomusic.com

2. Create a free account and upload your music and artwork. You can use your current ISRC/barcodes or we will assign new ones for you – free of charge.

3. When you get to the checkout, enter this code AQPGAEJB (in block capitals).

4.Your music will be live on Amazon UK/EU in 2/3 working days – free of charge, no subscription.

I have put a team on standby to rush your content to Amazon and they will be here over the weekend to take any support calls regarding your content.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally at lee@dittomusic.com.”