Attention Artists: Your Facebook Page Is Not Your Website…

Sound obvious? Well, you’d be shocked how many artists are sending all of the their fan traffic to Facebook – first – instead of to a site they control. But after sweeping overhauls involving Timeline and Spotify Play Buttons, the memo is becoming obvious: Facebook controls the Artist Page, not the artist.  So shift your strategies accordingly.  Here’s what CD Baby just emailed their member artists on the matter.

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“Your Facebook Page is Not Your Website.”

We all love Facebook – it’s an essential tool for self-promotion. But, it’s best used in conjunction with a real, hosted website. If you’re relying solely on social networks (like Facebook) for all your fan interactions, you’re missing out on some essential benefits which only a dedicated site can offer.

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Reason #1: Design Control

You don’t have a say in how Facebook looks and works, and as we’ve seen recently, social networks can make sweeping changes to your profile which you can’t do a thing about. With your very own website, you can create and control a web presence that looks as good as your music sounds.

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Reason #2: Fan Relationships

When you have your own website, you own the relationship with your fans. When they sign up to your newsletter or buy your music, you are the steward of important fan info like email addresses and phone numbers. This way you can always stay in touch with your fans – even if everybody abandons Facebook for the next cool thing.

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Reason #3: User Experience

Most social networks give you a one-page profile on a site full of millions of distractions. In fact, studies have shown that your fans may only actually see 15% of the updates you post on social networks. Facebook wants users to click on ads for smartphones, laptops and blow dryers. What do you want your fans to do? On your website, you call the shots.

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Reason #4: Your Own Dot Com

Building a website is like building a home on the web — you even get to pick your own domain name (! This is where you send your Facebook fans when you want to interact with them on your own terms. You can collect email addresses, nurture relationships through blog posts, and sell your merch right from your site.