Google Takedown Requests Have Tripled Since May…

Is this where the war of loopholes ends up?  And if so, when do DMCA-abiding companies like Google simply get overloaded, unable to properly comply?

Well, after opening its books on takedown requests on infringing search results in May, Google has unexpectedly opened the floodgates on takedown notices.  Or, maybe this breakneck increase was already happening.  Either way, Google is now handling nearly triple the volume of takedown requests – since May.

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It’s hard to appreciate exactly how much stuff is getting removed.  But the amount of wasted resources is staggering, especially since most of this content is instantly repopulated again, ripped down again, uploaded again, etc.

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But this is getting infinitely more complex for everyone involved.  Because not only is Google pulling its hair out dealing with all of these takedowns, it turns out the removed urls are still searchable.  According to some very telling details published by Torrentfreak, Google is actually indexing its own takedown requests on as part of its freshly-transparent compliance strategy.  All of which means that anyone can still access the yanked-down search result, simply by searching the published takedown file on Google itself.

The result is something incredibly dysfunctional: the takedown request of the takedown request.  “Since all the takedown requests are published online, the URLs in question can still be found through Google,” Torrentfreak explains.

“This irony leads to the absurd situation where copyright holders (intentionally or automatically) ask Google to take down their own takedown requests.  Microsoft and others have already sent such takedown-takedown requests.”

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Written while listening to araabMUZIK.