Taylor Swift’s Label: Streaming “Doesn’t Make Sense to a Small Record Company…”

Rhapsody says Taylor Swift would sell more t-shirts if her latest album was available on streaming services.  Scott Borchetta, head of Swift’s label, Big Machine Records, obviously isn’t buying that argument.

In an interview last month in Billboard, Borchetta explained the absence of Red on streaming services in fairly straightforward terms.

“I personally struggle with that model – I don’t think that it should be free.  We’ve spoken with the services, and spoken with Spotify in particular… We just haven’t hit on the right model that works for us. I don’t have thousands and thousands of albums and hundreds and hundreds of artists, I have a finite artist roster and finite number of releases. If you’re a big battleship like Sony or Universal and have tens of thousands of masters, that income stream makes sense at a big corporation. It doesn’t make sense to a small record company.