I’m Another Indie Artist. And My iTunes Match and Spotify Numbers Might Shock You…

Half-a-penny per stream, right? Wrong: turns out Spotify payouts vary widely depending on the artist, label, or both.  And, not only are some artists still getting ridiculously low payouts, but in some cases, Spotify’s payouts are now getting beaten by iTunes Match.

Here’s proof: it’s a CD Baby statement that shows a recent string of payments for an active indie, multi-continental artist.  In this case, Spotify payouts are still 1/10th of a penny per stream, and lower than that of iTunes Match.

Updated, 8 am PCT (Friday): some readers have complained that this is not a large enough data set, and merely includes the most recent string of payouts.  Agreed, which is why we’re talking to the artist to broaden the dataset to hopefully include the last several hundred (or thousand if possible) streams.  We’ll be updating once we get access to this broader set. (/paul).


Exhibit A: Spotify Payouts.

$0.00126289 per stream

(roughly 1/10th of a penny)


Exhibit B: iTunes Match (Americas) Payouts.

$0.00314225 per stream

(roughly 1/3rd of a penny, better than Spotify)