What Else? Hack Day SF, Gracenote, BMG, Sanctuary, UMG, Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Tim Dog, Eventbrite, Saavn, Deconstructing Beyonce…

It’s another frenzy of music app deconstruction and reconstruction.  Ahead of SF Musictech Summit on Tuesday, hackers will be crowding TokBox for another Music Hack Day SF this weekend (more at sf.musichackday.com…)

Enter Gracenote, which is officially launching its Developer Program at hacking fete.  Which means that Gracenote’s music APIs, SDKs, MusicID, and audio fingerprinting technology will all be prime for picking.

WMG snapped ol’ Parlophone, but there are other UMG+EMI goodies. Like Sanctuary, just acquired by music rights management group BMG.  The catalog includes storied albums from the likes of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Iron Maiden.  BMG tells Digital Music News that there’s still a regulatory nod required from the EC, but then again, it’s the European regulators that told UMG to do these deals in the first place.

Speaking of Universal Music, the mega-label has just inked a partnership with LA-based Maker Studios, one that enables streamlined catalog access and licensing.  A similar deal was inked between UMG and Fullscreen.

He gained fame with ‘F–k Compton,’ and added another chapter to an ultimately tragic East Coast West Coast beef.  Tim Dog, who hailed from the Bronx, has now passed at 46.

So when, if ever, do all the disruptive barbarians devour Ticketmaster‘s lunch?  Well, it turns out that ‘Ticketmaster killing’ is actually harder than it looks, according to Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, who told the Wall Street Journal’s Peter Kafka that important infrastructure and support (not to mention permanent venue deals) offer quite the competitive barrier.  Then again, the addressable market goes far beyond the tightly-controlled mega-show, and even the mega-space is under attack from the likes of AEG and AXS Ticketing.  Which brings us to one very hungry Eventbrite, which just finished integrating into Facebook’s just-integrated ‘Buy Tickets’ functionality (that was fast).  And who’s the first ticketing disruptor that wants to meet with Digital Music News at SF Musictech next week?  Exactly…

But will they pay… $4 a month?  That’s the latest streaming subscription experiment in India, where Saavn is now opening a Pro tier at the quite-relaxed price point (at least by Western standards).  This is a Bollywood-heavy, mobile-intensive concept with a largely Indian userbase, though Saavn does have offices in both New York and Mountain View.

‘Just a cog in the diva machinery,’ pans the New York Times while picking apart Beyonce‘s self-advertising autobiography, Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream. Times critic Alessandra Stanley panned the painful self-promotion as a “gauzy, stylish and utterly opaque film that comes off less as an autobiography than a song-and-dance defense brief,” while noting that “this superstar has summoned all her formidable strength, charm and self-discipline to prove that she is, beneath it all, a fragile artist buffeted by the winds of fate and hyperfame.”

“Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.”  Thomas Jefferson.

Written while listening to the Moog soundtrack on Songza.