Just Launched: The Social Countdown, a Radio Show Controlled by Listeners…

RadioBDC, a live, streaming radio station on Boston.com just launched The Social Countdown, a radio show that puts listeners in charge of regulating the most popular music.

Listeners, as well as artists, can vote on Boston.com for their favorite alternative tracks and real-time data will show what is most popular at the moment. The Social Countdown further enriches the listeners’ voice by taking into account what is talked about on social media, gathering and ranking data from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Last.fm, and Spotify.

The Social Countdown is supported by PointsLocal‘s social media content management system and WeAreRedefined media group that offers creative technological input. These partnerships will allow Boston.com to put a “new spin on a traditional [radio] concept,” says Paul Driscoll, Director of Operations and Program Development at RadioBDC.