TuneUp 3.0 Will Organize Your iTunes Library With ‘Automagic’

Although streaming has generally grabbed the method of music consumption by a chokehold, a large enough number of the population still owns a private collection of ripped and downloaded mp3 files on their computers. In response, TuneUp has unveiled its latest version- TuneUp 3.0– to continue running in the forefront of digital music organization in conjunction with iTunes.

Automagic is one of the new features that enables the user to find and fix files with a single click, as opposed to the previous method of painstakingly locating and dragging problematic music files into the app.

Another highlighted feature is Dashboard, which scans the user’s music library and diagnoses how much needs to be fixed.

The price for TuneUp is $39.95 a year or $49.95 for a one-time purchase.



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