MashupDJ: Now Everyone Plus Her Brother Can Make a Mashup…

An app that lets everyone mashup songs and then share them? Sounds like a nightmare for social network feeds.

Nevertheless, MashupDJ is pretty cool.  The app was released yesterday for iPad and the web by Mowgli, the startup behind Songster.  This app is “the first service to enable instant music mashup creation”.

MashupDJ has a small but growing library of songs from major labels, MTV, and Motown. The tracks are separated out into vocal, lead, bass, and drum stems.  Users pick two songs to mash and drag the parts together.

The app suggests songs that sound nice together and has automatic pitch and tempo matching — which could curb the amount of terrible sounding mashups that are sure to come out of this.

The Hood Internet supports the app, which is significant considering they’ve made a career out of creating mashups.