Now You Can Send Really Long Snapchats…

Last night, Team Snapchat sent out an extra long snap from budding producer Goldroom. This was part of the announcement for the app’s new feature: Snapchat Stories.

It works like this: users can add any regular snap to their story, where they aggregate, but all snaps get deleted after 24 hours. According to Snapchat, this is “a totally new way to share your day with friends — or everyone“.

Originally I was skeptical: taking the time to create an extra long Snapchat only to have it disappear after 24 hours seemed pointless.  Besides, who wants to be inundated with Stories from people who probably aren’t even actual friends?  Once I spent some time with it, I changed my mind.

After taking a video in the app, Snapchat gives the option of adding it to your story and it just gets tagged onto the end.

So, a user’s Snapchat Story is a fixed and ever evolving collection of videos that share what’s been going on for the past 24 hours.

Friends’ stories can be seen from the contact list. This might provide an end to the never-ending snaps I’ve been receiving.

In addition, this could also be a great way for users to see what bands and personalities are up to.  Exchanging snaps with musicians is already common practice, this could offer greater accessibility.

Snapchat seems to have the same idea: in addition to Goldroom, they had Smallpools and Guards create Stories.