4Sound Melts Guitar Hero Plastic and Presses It Into Vinyl…

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What are some cool ways to make a vinyl record?  3D printing is one… or you could just burn Guitar Hero guitars and make vinyl out of the melted plastic.

The Norwegian “Guitars Need Heroes” project takes Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars and burns them, encouraging people to buy real guitars instead. The resin is being used to make a limited edition vinyl release.


The Vinyl Factory reports that those who give their plastic guitars to the project will receive a discount on an actual guitar from musical instrument store 4Sound.  In addition to the discount, participants will receive a copy of the vinyl pressed from the plastic ashes.

The vinyl features music from five bands: Bigbang, Raga Rockers, Skambankt, Rumble in Rhodos and Atlanter.  Only 1,000 copies will be pressed and lyrics and chords are included.