SoundFocus Raises $1.7 Million to Help the Hearing Impaired Listen to Music…

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An excessive number of new music apps are securing funding these days.  However, only a few of these apps are working to provide accessibility to a wider range of users.  Enter SoundFocus…

SoundFocus has raised $1.7 million in seed funding. Their app helps the hearing impaired listen to music on iOS.

The funding came from Kapor Capital, Y Combinator, Greg Badros, VegasTechFund, OVO Fund, RTA Capital, Garry Tan, Alexis Ohanian and Harj Taggar.

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The app uses a hearing test to figure out which frequencies the user has difficulty hearing. The app alters these frequencies, amplifying the ones the user can’t hear. As of now SoundFocus can play Spotify Radio and iTunes Music.

The SoundFocus team is also working on hardware that will help users with other activities, such as making phone calls or watching TV.

SoundFocus co-founder Alex Selig grew up with hearing loss, so this issue is important to him.  Selig met the other co-founder, Varun Srinivasan, at Microsoft.