Tyler, the Creator’s Attorney Says the Alleged SXSW Riot Was Actually “Positive Energy”…

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Tyler, the Creator was arrested at the end of SXSW for inciting a riot. He was then released on a $25,000 bond.

On March 13th Tyler played a Thrasher Magazine day party at the Scoot Inn. The venue was at its 999 person capacity. According to the official police report, officers were on hand to make sure the venue wasn’t overcrowded.

Everything was satisfactory, but then Tyler started yelling at the crowd that was waiting outside the venue.

He yelled “ALL Y’ALL OUTSIDE THE GATES Y’ALL PUSH THROUGH” and then “Y’ALL PUSH THROUGH GET IN COME ON” after staff tried to close the gates.

Unsurprisingly, the rowdy crowd forced their way in.

A bartender was allegedly punched in the face by someone in the crowd, which bumped this up to a Class A Misdemeanor.

Tyler’s attorney, Perry Q. Minton, doesn’t agree with the charges. In a statement to the Associated Press Minton said:

“At no time during the … concert did Tyler seek to incite or participate in riotous activity as has been reported in the press…  It is clear from video clips and witness reports that the patrons and fans attending the show on that date were full of positive energy appropriate for this type of event and never exhibited any anger or aggression whatsoever… Tyler is not a violent individual and would never deliberately engage in any activity that would put another person at risk of being hurt.”

Tyler is also upset that people are bringing up the SXSW drunk driving tragedy that happened the night before the alleged riot:


All of SXSW was pretty worked up after the tragedy, so obviously Tyler’s decision to incite a crowd and create a potentially dangerous situation is going to be scrutinized.

Tyler has a history of this type of behavior, so this is in no way surprising. He also tweeted ahead of SXSW that he was going to do something like this, but the tweet has since been deleted.