Messaging App Tango Adds Curated Media Channels…

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Messaging app Tango has launched Tango Channels, which brings content from media brands to the app.

Tango is similar to WhatsApp, Voxer, and LINE. It offers text and voice chat to 200 million registered users. Tango is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, and PC.

Tango uniquely offers Spotify integration. Users can embed songs into their messages. This makes Tango an ideal choice for sharing music with friends, more ideal than dedicated music-sharing apps like LuckyPennie and PingTune.

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Tango Channels currently features content from the likes of Spotify, TechCrunch, 8tracks, OK Go, and Slash. A Vevo channel will launch in the near future, followed by other partnerships.

Tango hopes this will bring interesting media to users so they can share it in their messages.

Uri Raz, Founder and CEO of Tango, says:

“Tango uniquely blends messaging, social discovery and content into one platform. This is a huge differentiation from all other messengers. Tango members now have even more exciting ways to connect with others through shared interests and premium content


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