Introducing Kimd, a Solution for Obnoxious Concert Cellphones…

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The following comes from French app developers Kimd, who have just developed a solution for filming concerts that won’t piss off everyone else around you.

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In the last five years, the most annoying and disturbing behavior ever has emerged at concerts. The one or two… wait, the entire crowd raising their smartphones to take photos and videos of their favorite bands.  We can’t prevent people from raising their arms or having a weird haircut.

So why ban smartphones from concerts? It just doesn’t make sense. We all love to share these moments with our friends on social media.

At Kimd we think that if digital and smart devices are creating new problems, they should be able to solve them too.  So we created a simple and free iPhone app allowing people to capture memories without disturbing those around them.

When you launch Kimd, the luminosity of your phone decreases to 10% and a black veil with a 30% opacity is displayed on top of the screen.

And because no one wants to see a concert through a screen, including you, the interface is designed to be as minimalistic as possible.

One tap to focus, one touch to shoot, one longer to record.  You see just enough through your screen to aim, then all you need to do is enjoy the show.  A built-in gallery allows you to manage your content directly in Kimd, but you can also access your photos directly in the native Photos app, we don’t mind 🙂

The app is free and right now our only goal is to see an entire concert hall using Kimd, because everybody deserves to enjoy the show again.  Installing Kimd is a mark of respect to other concert-goers, and that’s what technology should enable.

Don’t worry, some of our team members are on Android, so we’re already planning a version of Kimd for little green robot enthusiasts.

Our primary goal is doing our best to make live shows enjoyable again.  Another thing to keep in mind: we will never add any blinking, disturbing, popping advertising banners. Users and the best concert experience are our priorities.

We are now launching the v.1.1 with some awesome new features, thanks to feedback from our community.  Here’s a video showcasing the particular relationship people have with their smartphone luminosity these days, and why it’s important to switch this light off in special environments like concerts.

We hope you will download Kimd on the App Store.

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Kimd App – Light from Kimd on Vimeo.