Siri Will Soon Power Apple Music on Apple TV

Apple confirms Siri is coming to Apple Music on the new updated Apple TV that launches next year.

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These days, Siri will blow you off if you aren’t subscribed to Apple Music.  But get a subscription, and things could get interesting: according to details confirmed to Buzzfeed on Thursday, Apple TV will soon integrate Siri into its Apple Music app.  This will give users the ability to search and stream their favorite music from their TV via voice control, rather than typing.
The new added features makes the Apple TV an all-in-one device and home hub, and quite possibly, something people actually use.  Being able to ask your set-top box to play music and videos gives Apple competitive advantage, and it also makes the service more attractive.  Apple TV has always been primarily regarded as a video box, but the new updates create a more complete media center.

That said, Apple TV have never been a big hit, so it will be interesting to see if this added feature will stimulate growth in sales.  Currently, Apple Music has a reported 6.5 million paid subscribers, which is substantial on its own but weak when compared to Spotify’s 20 million subscribers.