When Technology Meets Music: New Startup Utab Answers the Needs of ‘Active Music Lovers’ (Sponsored)

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The following is a sponsored post from Tel Aviv-based Utab Media, a startup that has developed a suite of backend music technologies aimed at the ‘active music listener,’ and music & media companies that would like to attract this huge segment.


Over the past few years, a number of startups have developed simple platforms designed to assist musicians and engage music fans.  There’s no doubt: the market is full of karaoke and play-along apps, but Utab Media, based in Tel Aviv and New York, has created a high-end technology that works on many different platforms to cater to the needs of the huge segment known as ‘Active Music Lovers’.

We’re excited about the groundbreaking technology we’ve developed, and we’re now ready — and eager — to develop partnerships within the music, mobile, and media industries.

So what have we created?  Our backend technology can quickly understand the underlying chords, lyrics and even instructional tabs of a song, all in realtime and in-sync with the music.  We can then visualize those elements in various music services and channels.  Our technology can also instantly create videos based on audio tracks.

Last month, Utab launched its first consumer platform as well as a suite of b2b products, aimed at music and media companies, content publishers, and other technology companies.  Our product is designed for partners that would like to launch large-scale music services and channels, with thousands of music videos that visualize chords, lyrics and fingering, all in perfect sync with the music.

Unlike other chord and tab platforms online, Utab employs a large crew of professional musicians that work day and night verifying notation and bringing it to excellence.

Underneath the hood, Utab’s video catalog is based on the company’s MVM (Music Video Maker) technology, a unique engine that automatically converts any audio stream or file into a video with the song’s chords & lyrics visualized.  It’s an excellent opportunity for music, media and publishing companies to launch their own branded music service on any platform: PC, Mobile or Smart TV.

“54% of households in US have at least one member who plays a musical instrument.”

Those active music lovers are people who are engaged with music, musicians, people that would like to start playing an instrument, people that love to play along with their favorite songs, and those that just want to stay updated with music-related news.  And this is a huge segment: according to the last Gallup research, 54% of households in US have at least one member who plays a musical instrument.

As noted, Utab has also launched a number of other platforms for consumers.  This includes Chords & Lyrics provider and editing tools, a daily music magazine, a music marketplace to buy and sell musical services, community features and a mobile app, all connected with the company’s proprietary music videos.

For further information with regard to Utab’s Automated Music Videos machine, please contact ofer@utab.com.  And, please see more on Utab’s Catalog for Business Partners here.  More on Utab’s Platform for Consumers here