Popular YouTube Sensation The Piano Guys Reach 1 Billion Views

The Piano Guys 1 Billion Views
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Pulling off a monumental feat that puts them right up there with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, The Piano Guys have reached 1 billion viewed on their YouTube page.  According to YouTube, just over 100 artist channels have reached that same mark.

In their concert on Saturday night at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, The Piano Guys were presented with a plaque celebrating their 1 billion views by Lisa Bellamore, head of YouTube’s Music Communications. S he can be heard in the linked video above, accompanied by Angela Barkan, Sony Music Masterworks’s VP Media and Artist Development, as saying that The Piano Guys “have taken us on a musical and visual journey across the globe” before presenting concert fans with the news and the plaque to “commemorate this special occasion and we wish you much continued success.

In the video, The Piano Guy artist Al Van Der Beek can be heard jokingly saying, “I would like to thank the Academy” which caused fans and the rest of The Piano Guys members to laugh before thanking the crowd of fans for “clicking on our videos,” stating that this monumental feat wouldn’t have been accomplished without them.

The Piano Guys are also celebrating having earned a RIAA Gold Album Certification for their first album with Sony Masterworks, self-titled The Piano Guys, which managed to reach the 44th spot on Billboard. They’re currently signed with Sony Masterworks and have released 5 albums so far and are currently working on Uncharted which is due to be released on October 28th.

Another musical artist celebrating plenty of views is TenSecondSongs, aka Anthony Vincent, who’s managed to hit the 100 million mark and tweeted, “A total of 100,000,000 views on my channel. Thanks for watching! More ridiculousness on the way!