Spotify Is Launching a New Cartoon Series

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Looking to branch out from their already well-established music streaming platform, Spotify has launched their new cartoon series, “Deconstructed,” on YouTube. In a planned series with ATTN, the first video takes a look at EDM’s roots, how the genre became popular, and where it’s headed today.

According to top multilingual tech blog Engadget, this isn’t the only series Spotify will work on. Back in May, multiple news sites reported that Spotify plans to roll out 12 other original series, including “Rush Hour,” which pits two hip-hop artists in the back of van and challenges them to roll out a remix or a collaboration track while stuck in Los Angeles traffic.  With the Deconstructed video series, head of video at Spotify Tom Calderone told Business Insider,With this series we wanted to give fans a perspective on how politics and society shape the music they love.”

This change in Spotify’s current strategy seems to be aimed at growing its offerings in an attempt to stand out from among the ever-growing list of music streaming companies.  If Spotify’s new video and podcast strategy works, it’ll win over new customers. Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw wrote in May, “Spotify is counting on video to bring in new customers and convince current ones to spend more time on the service.”  If users spend less time streaming music on Apple Music or watching clips on YouTube, all the better for the Swedish music streaming company which will count on growing subscription sales.

Spotify isn’t the only company that has video streaming in mind.  On July 26, CBS sent out a press release announcing that Apple Music had bought out the rights to host the very popular CBS Carpool Karaoke series on their music service. The segment first started on The Late Late Show With James Corden and has featured First Lady Michelle Obama, British singer and songwriter Adele, and Selena Gomez, among others, with Britney Spears slated to appear in the series.


Spotify image by Scott Beale, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).