These 5 Music Festival Must-Haves are Gamechangers

Fanny Pack
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Pictured: Music Festival Fanny Packs from DMN sponsor Fanny Factory (buy online at

From fanny pack to flask: these are the essentials.

Fact: Nothing comes close to a killer music festival.   The art, the drinking, the dancing – all of it.  And you and your squad want to look good while doing it, because these days, music festivals are about being seen.  Below, we’ve listed five next-level accessories that will elevate your music festival experience and have people turning heads.

Warby Parker Barkley Sunglasses

At any music festival, you’re going to be outside – a lot. And nothing says “hipster cool” like a good pair of shades. Warby Parker’s Barkley sunglasses come in five distinct fades, and like a tailored suit or little black dress, they look dope on everyone. As with all of Warby Parker’s gear, Barkleys are durable, anti-scratch, and offer 100% UV protection. Accept no exceptions. $150

Fanny Factory Fanny Packs

Fanny Factory has actually done the unthinkable: They made the fanny pack cool.  With their fun, retro vibe and 19 unique looks, these fanny packs are on fleek.  Perfect for music festivals and travel, Fanny Factory packs are secure, lightweight, rain-resistant, and come with a secret pocket for, um, “discreet” items.  Take a fanny pack to a music festival and you’ll have everyone screaming, “show us your fanny!” $24.99

Ember and Ash Dragon Scale Nomad Hood

A music festival ain’t all sunshine and bikinis. Sometimes it gets cold.  Or damp.  And it’s in these moments when any festivalgoer needs a gorgeous hood – for real. Enter Ember and Ash’s Dragon Scale Nomad Hood. Meant to wrap around your neck like a scarf, this Etsy favourite headpiece is portable comfort, perfect for unexpected volleys from Mother Nature, or the next Lord of the RIngs covnention. $60

Fonesalesman QiStone+ Portable Wireless Charger

There aren’t a lot of power outlets lying around music festivals, so if you want to keep your Instagram feed flowing, you need a charger. And the Fonsalesman QiStone+ is just plain sick. Designed to look like – yes – a stone, the QiStone+ can charge two devices (phones, speakers, cameras, etc.) at once, with or without a wire. This charger will keep you topped up all day long and snugly fits in your pocket or wallet. $80

Stone Cask’s Original Shot Flask

Music festivals are about getting turnt up.  And drinking laws be damned, a sexy flask is meant to be shown off.  Stone Cask’s Original Shot Flask has collapsible 2oz shot glass built within it.  And like a boss, the flask’s sleek, stainless steel frame is wrapped in high-quality leather.   Let’s be honest: imbiding always makes things more fun, and the Original Shot Flask is a stylish way to go about it. $40