Rapper Shawty Lo Confirmed Dead After Gruesome Hit-n-Run

shawty lo
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Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo died a horrific death last night after a violent hit-n-run strike at high speeds.  Early details are now being revealed by family members and Fulton County police.

The death was also confirmed by Shawty Lo’s brother, who took over the rapper’s Twitter account this morning.  “My brother has passed, he is no longer here but his spirit, his kind heart, and his music will live on. Long live Shawty Lo, King of Bankhead,” the tweet, posted at 4:21 am Wednesday morning, confirmed.

This sounds like a gruesome and violent hit-n-run, with police currently investigating.  Fulton County police Cpl. Maureen Smith outlined some of the violent last moments, with the strike apparently occurring at high speeds on Interstate 285, right before the Cascade Road exit.

After the hit, Lo quickly lost control of the vehicle, careened over a guardrail, and smashed into nearby trees after going airborne.  The vehicle itself was quickly engulfed in flames, with Shawty Lo tossed from the fiery wreckage with massive, fatal injuries.

It’s unclear how quickly the rapper lived after (or even during) the wreck itself.  The rapper was rushed to Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, where he was proclaimed dead, according to details disclosed by Smith.

The rapper, whose real name was Carlos Walker, first struck gold with ‘Laffy Taffy’ with D4L in 2004.  Then, he stepped onto the scene again in early 2008 with his track, ‘Dey Know’.  He was inked to major label Warner Bros., and earlier, formed an unsuccessful joint venture with 50 Cent to build G Unit South.

It was in 2003 that Walker started D4L, and the highly-entrepreneurial rapper build D4L Records around that initial success.  Now, that DIY-to-major success has ended, though there may be blueprints left behind for other talented, aspiring rappers.  Sadly, success often invites enmity and hostile warfare from rivals, with Shawty Lo seemingly targeted in some unidentified beef.

Lo was last seen at the nearby Blue Flame Lounge on Harwell Road in Atlanta before the accident.

Separately, two women were also reportedly in the vehicle, and both have apparently survived the wreck.  At this stage, we have no idea who they are, or what level of injuries they sustained.


More as this situation develops.