Mac Miller Just Played His Best Show Ever In LA [Exclusive Photos]

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It was a short-n-sweet set by Mac Miller at MTV’s Wonderland warehouse venue in downtown Los Angeles.  Actually, it was just four songs.

But the live band was tight, Mac Miller was entirely relaxed, and the crowd was low-key.  MTV cameras were everywhere, with graffiti’d up Imperial Studios serving as an offbeat set and stage.

The industrial, open-air space fit a relatively small crowd, with MØ and Leon playing a smaller, side stage.  There was even a double-jointed acrobat on the bar, amazing and grossing people out at the same time.  His sidekick did a full somersault off the bar, landing on his feet with ease (on the concrete floor).

Enough description.  Check it out for yourself.  Here’s Miller playing “Dang”…


If you’re still reading this article, you’re obviously a serious fan.  Or about to become one.  So, here’s the second track, “Stay”.



The other two songs on the setlist were “We” and “Soulmate”.

Actually, Miller was just one part of this industrial-looking Wonderland playground, with classic arcade games, food trucks, and a lot of really hip people.  It’s the basis for their show, which featured Ty Dolla $ign and Broods last week.  It was packed, which got me wondering why Spotify isn’t throwing a crazy party like this for its paying subscribers.  Maybe MTV could help out.

But back to the double-jointed acrobat…

I saw the double-jointed acrobat backstage, just laughing and hanging out.  At his day job, none of his coworkers suspect that this skinny guy is an insane circus act at night.  Strange gig.

Then it was time for a huge shock, even for the most jaded foodie in a hipster land.  It was one of the food trucks catering the party.  If you’re in LA, you need to hunt down the Creative Eats Truck.  It’s one of the best meals I’ve ever had: try the Asian-infused Turkey Burger, and Salmon with Broccolini, or the insane Quesadilla.  I forgot all world problems for that 10 minutes.

Can you rate food trucks on Yelp?  Yeah, you can: I gave them 5 stars.  It’s better than a restaurant.  No, they’re not sponsoring this post.  But, in full disclosure they did give me a bunch of free food.

I was wondering where the screaming fans were.  But maybe it’s just LA, where everyone plays it cool.  Outside, I saw Miller’s band walking away while I was waiting for my Uber with my girlfriend.  It was sort of out-in-the-open like that, no one was bum-rushing anyone or causing a scene.  There weren’t any huge bouncers or scary security guys.

“Great show,” I said.  “Hey man, thanks,” the bass player told me, appreciating the nod.

I’d say he was the best player in the group, but, the whole band was tight.


“Wonderland” airs LIVE on MTV, Thursdays at 11 PM ET/8 PM PT.  Check it out!

All photos by Getty Image for MTV (which they gave to DMN).