35+ DJs, Rappers, and Promoters Band Together to Battle Homelessness In LA

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Most people feel powerless and ineffective when it comes to homelessness.  Now, dozens of rappers, DJs, and promoters are banding together to raise some cash for people on the streets.  The event is happening tonight.

This is an all-out effort involving multiple promoters in Los Angeles, not to mention one of the biggest DJs in the world.  The organizers wanted to keep that a surprise, but trust us, he’s big.

Driving the effort is iHeartComix Events, a promoter that has lured other LA-based promoters into the cause.  Those other promoters are: Brownies & Lemonade, Ham on Everything, Emo Nite, Space Yacht, Free Grilled Cheese, Late Night Laggers and Restless Nites.

Maybe you’ve never heard of those names, but you’ve definitely heard of some of these performers.  Technically, DMN can’t reveal the names because of ‘radius clauses,’ which basically prohibit artists from playing multiple shows in the same market at the same time.  Basically, if a club is paying a bunch of money to get a marquee act, they don’t want that act playing at the club next door (even for free).

So long story into a short story: we can’t tell you who’s playing tonight.  But, I can personally tell you that $25 to see the top DJ is a f’ing STEAL, my friend.  So maybe just roll the dice if you’re in LA.

But more importantly, 100% of the proceeds from the event will be going to benefit homeless charities.  And, hopefully get some hapless souls some soup, a mattress or meds.  So even if you have a bad time, you’re helping someone out.

The organizations receiving the donations are here, here and here.

And, here are the details on the show:

LA Gives Back

Union (4067 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA)
Wednesday, December 21st (tonight)

Tickets Here

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See ya there!

Image by Hernán Piñera, CC by 2.0.