Free Sosa? LAPD Says Chief Keef Committed a Violent Robbery

Free Sosa? LAPD Find Evidence Chief Keef Committed a Violent Robbery
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Free Sosa? LAPD Find Evidence Chief Keef Committed a Violent Robbery
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Image by Jacques Lebleu (CC by 2.0)

Free Sosa? Rapper Chief Keef arrested following violent home invasion robbery.

During a show in October, rapper Chief Keef announced his long-awaited return. At the same time, the Love Sosa rapper took the time to threaten people, namely other rappers.

“hey say they want that old Sosa back, okay, 2017 I’m coming right! All these f….. a… niggas rapping today, shaking they booties and all that gay a.. s…! On BD until 2017 that’s how long they got!…my kids! On Blood!…Cap (Capo) grave!”

Producer Ramsay Tha Great found out how serious Chief Keef’s threat was. Last week, Chief Keef, along with 5 Glo Gang members, violently robbed Ramsay at his home in LA. According to Ramsay, the Love Sosa rapper, armed with an AK-47, forced his way into Ramsay’s home. Then, Chief Keef and his Glo Gang associates mercilessly beat him. Chief Keef made off with $1,600, an iPhone, a ring, and a Rolex watch. He posted a picture on Instagram of the aftermath.


@chieffkeeffsossa now if I was a celebrity I wouldn’t come personally jump a person with you five friends and a Ak 47 that’s just dumb your famous ……… now I’m taking everything from you . U really just fucked up dude coming to my house with your phone in your pocket with the location on…….. yea I’m pressing charges on yo ass. You a fucking low life mf niggas out here tryna do positive shit and you still on some goofy Chicago shit . We’ll see u in court ⚖️?

Una foto publicada por RamsayThaGreat (@ramsay_tha_great) el


Following Ramsay’s accusation, Chief Keef proclaimed his innocence. In the comments section of ManeMane4CGG’s IG Live Video, Keef wrote,

“I ain’t do nothing”

Ramsay followed through on his threat, however. Yesterday afternoon, law enforcement officials obtained a search warrant and arrested the Chicago rapper in Tarzana, California. Officers took Keef and another individual into custody for questioning. posted an image of the arrest.


Chief Keef fans immediately rallied around the Love Sosa rapper, posting on Twitter “Free Sosa.” The phrase became a trending topic on Friday morning.

“free sosa he innocent”

“Damn Chief Keef was doing so good staying outta trouble. FREE SOSA

“chief keefs in jail and idk how to handle that rn so free Sosa he ain’t do shit!!! He’s on his rich nigga shit he’s innocent!! ))):”

Yet, the phrase also drew retractors, who strongly criticized Keef fans.

“People tweeting Free Sosa like he didn’t commit armed robbery…y’all weird”

“Why tf is Free Sosa trending!?That nigga out here committing armed robberies, home burglaries with AK’s and shit, and y’all want him out?FOH”

Critics may have a point. LAPD Capt. Brian Pratt told NBC Los Angeles,

“It was a violent home invasion involving firearms being pointed at victims. The detectives did some really great follow up investigation. Witnesses came forward and identified who our suspects were. We knew who we were going after – we weren’t just shooting in the dark.”

As of writing, the rapper remains detained on $500,000 bail with no word yet of his release. Police have booked Chief Keef on robbery.