Netflix Signs a Major Music Publishing Deal With BMG

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Attention: if you have an opportunity to ease up music licensing deals, do it! Just ask Netflix.

It safe to say most of us are guilty of escaping our own issues and binge watching Netflix.  Rainy days, sick days, lazy days.  What would we do without Netflix?

Not only does Netflix allow us to invest in our favorite character’s problems, it opens the opportunity to enrich our music library. Personally, many of my favorite songs and playlist come from TV shows and movie.  However, this publishing process is tricky, especially when it comes to complex licensing processes (and sometimes, lawsuits).

Netflix Signs Music Publishing Deal With BMG To Manage Music Rights Outside The US.

Netflix recently signed an agreement with BMG to manage and administer their music publishing rights outside of the US.  As the fourth biggest music publishing company, BMG offers services that extend beyond publishing.  Recordings, for example, once the mainstay of labels, can now be consolidated into broader rights packages.

The international agreement with Netflix consists of transition cues, themes, and feature songs for content owned by Netflix.  That includes the original series Stranger Things, Chelsea Handler’s talk show, and documentary films.

Hopefully, this deal will minimize the chances of Netflix finding legal troubles, while simultaneously maximizing time for what the team does best.  “We are particularly impressed by the commercials and technology expertise of BMG, and are excited to see what opportunities we can develop together,” said Dominic Houston, director of music licensing at Netflix.

Zach Katz, BMG US President Repertoire & Marketing, helped to spearhead the deal.  “This agreement is a significant endorsement of the BMG team and platform from one of the most forward-thinking and innovative entertainment companies in the world,” Katz relayed.

It appears that these companies have services to benefit one another.   So next time a catchy song plays during the perfect scene, don’t forget the behind-the-scenes work that makes it happen.