Welcome to Your New Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Retirement Home

Welcome to Your New Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Retirement Home
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Welcome to Your New Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Retirement Home
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Sam Howzit (CC by 2.0)

Jimmy Buffett launches a new chain of Margaritaville senior condominiums.  Rest assured that you can also purchase margaritas there.

Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Margaritaville’.  It’s where you can nibble on a sponge cake, watch the sun set, and search for that lost shaker of salt.  And know the whole time, it’s your own damn fault.

That sun-baked fantasy has spawned millions in revenue for Buffett over the years.  But now, Jimmy Buffett’s classic and beloved song will soon become a reality.

As in, an actual place.  Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Holdings LLC has recently partnered with real estate firm Minto Communities.  Together, the companies will build Latitude Margaritaville.

Latitude Margaritaville will be the first “active adult communities in some of the nation’s most popular destinations.”  The Sales Center at Latitude Margaritaville has already broken ground and will open in Fall 2017.

Welcome to a brand-new twist on the stodgy retirement home.

The new Daytona Beach active adult community will reflect “Margaritaville’s authentic, ‘no worries,’ tropical vibe, offering an immersive brand experience.”  But plenty of functionality, as well.  Accordingly, the community will have walkable neighborhoods and a ‘Town Center’ featuring a fitness center with an aerobics studio.

In addition, the Town Center will also have an indoor lap pool, spa, and group fitness classes.  Jimmy Buffett’s Latitude Margaritaville will also have an indoor and outdoor dining area with signature Margaritaville food and beverage concepts.  Along with arts and learning programs, the Town Center will have a band shell for live entertainment.

Furthermore, residents will have access to a private beachfront club with “breathtaking views and beachfront amenities.”

Speaking on the partnership in a statement, John Cohlan, Margaritaville CEO, said,

“With Minto’s expertise in creating master planned developments and Margaritaville’s inherent ability to deliver fun and escapism, Latitude Margaritaville has the exact coordinates for those looking to live the Margaritaville lifestyle as they grow older, but not up.”

Minto Communities currently operates senior-living facilities in Tampa, Orlando, Naples, Palm Beach, and Port St. Lucie.

The pair will build the retirement home at LGPA Blvd and I-95.  The $1 billion community will have 6,900 homes starting at $200,000.  The community will also have 200,000 square feet of retail space.

And plenty of replacement shakers of salt.