Stone Sour’s Bassist Proposes to His Girlfriend On Stage — In the Middle of a Show

Stone Sour Bassist Proposes
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No pressure!  In a recent show in Toronto, Stone Sour bassist Johny Chow decided to pop the question — in front of thousands of fans.

When it comes to marriage proposals, most guys pick a pristine location to pop the question.  If you’re Stone Sour bassist Johny Chow, that ‘pristine location’ is a concert in front of thousands of fans.

During a recent Stone Sour performance in Toronto, Chow decided to halt the performance and propose to his longtime girlfriend Christi Allen.  And when we say ‘longtime,’ we mean 13 years before Chow decided he was ready.

Stone Sour was opening for Korn at the Budweiser Stage on Tuesday.  The unexpected twist drew a deafening applause from the crowd, all of whom were just as surprised as Christi.

Thankfully, she said yes.

Here’s a little clip of the proposal.


Here’s another glimpse of the action posted by local station 102.1 the Edge.


Chow has actually been playing with the band since 2012.

But he’s also played with a number of high-profile metal bands, including Max Cavalera projects Soulfly and the Cavalera Conspiracy.  He’s also gigged with Fireball Ministry, and is basically a road dog bassist who’s been doing this for decades.

Let’s just say if you’re involved in the metal touring scene for long enough, you’ve probably bumped into Johny Chow.

Of course, that raises some complexities for Chow’s personal life.  But maybe Allen is down with traveling with the band.  Hey, if she’s made it through 13 years of non-stop touring, she’s a keeper!