Joey Badass Stares at the Eclipse Without Glasses — Then Cancels 3 Shows

Joey Badass
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Did Joey Badass really think this one through?

Donald Trump wasn’t the only person staring directly at the eclipse without glasses.  Rapper Joey Badass also decided that eclipse glasses were for wussies.

But perhaps that wasn’t the best idea.  Just this morning, Joey Badass unexpectedly cancelled three shows.  Connecting the dots, fans quickly linked those cancellation to these tweets.

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The next day, Badass cancelled dates in Cleveland, Toronto, and Chicago.

All are important stops on the Everybody Tour.

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‘Joey Badeyes’

Fans immediately linked to two.  Of course, permanent eye damage is no laughing matter.  But don’t tell that to the hundreds of people dragging Badass for his ill-conceived, anti-eyeglass tweets.

That said, we still have no idea why Badass canceled those dates.  But given the size of all three markets, the cancellations will undoubtedly result in serious financial costs.  Not to mention pissed-off fans and complicated rescheduling.

As for the tweet, Joey Badass did have a point: our ancient ancestors didn’t have access to protective eyewear while viewing eclipses.  Then again, we have virtually zero data on how their eyes fared after staring directly into the sun for a prolonged period of time.

What we do have are nightmare stories from people staring directly at an eclipse (or just the sun) in more recent periods.  Those suggest very real risks associated with ‘naked eye’ eclipse viewings, including partial blindness.

On Tuesday, Google received a flurry of searches inquiring about possible eye damage from watching the eclipse without glasses.