Rick Ross Says He Definitely Isn’t Dead — But He Did Buy a Very Expensive Watch

Rick Ross' latest Instagram post.
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Rick Ross' latest Instagram post.
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Rick Ross’ latest Instagram, posted late Sunday, March 4th.

It ain’t over yet!  Looks like reports of Rick Ross’ death have been greatly exaggerated.

The following is a developing story. Please check back for updates!

If the internet could kill, Rick Ross would definitely be dead.  Over the weekend, reports circulated that Rick Ross was clinging to life in a Miami-area hospital.  TMZ claimed the rapper was strapped to life support systems, while Twitter claimed he was dead.

Ross’ family said TMZ’s reports were fake news — even claiming that the rapper never visited the hospital.  But that only fueled the fires over the weekend.

Rick Ross Isn’t Dead and He Isn’t on Life Support, Family Says

Rick Ross has now posted an Instagram showing he’s very much alive.

The rapper displayed a pricey, diamond-encrusted gold Rolex watch, coupled with a similarly-encrusted bracelet.  The rapper offered the brief tag, ‘#FloridaBoy’.

The ‘mansion-around-his-wrist’ looks like it was posted from the hospital.  Earlier, Maybach Music rapper Fat Trel told fans that Rick Ross was indeed hospitalized, but not on life support.  Earlier, TMZ reported that the rapper was strapped to a machine to keep both his heart and lungs operational, and reported that the rapper had likely suffered a serious heart attack.

Trel’s information conflicted with claims from Ross’ family, leading to rampant speculation online.  After the family stated that Ross never went to the hospital, TMZ doubled down on its coverage.

The difference in stories also fanned the flames on a number of others rumors, including one that claimed Ross had succumbed to exhaustion after an all-night threesome with two strippers.  Hey, not the worst way to go out — though life is always the preferred outcome.

The scare does raise questions about the rapper’s health.

Ross is chronically overweight, and has suffered multiple seizures in the past.  That includes a pair of seizures in 2011, which the rapper blamed on exhaustion from a relentless work schedule.

Ross has made attempts to slim down and hit the treadmill.  At one point, Ross was rumored to be tipping the scales at 350 pounds.