Sony Music Releases 300+ Prince Songs Recorded Between 1995-2010

Beginning in 2021, Sony/Legacy’s distributions rights will also include 12 Prince non-soundtrack catalog albums.

Several months ago, The Prince Estate and Sony Music Entertainment (SME) reached an exclusive deal.

Under terms of the agreement, SME/Legacy would distribute 35 Prince catalog albums via digital channels.  This includes previously-unreleased albums as well as individual works, like singles, B-sides, remixes, non-album tracks, live recordings, and music videos.

The Prince/SME deal follows a disastrous agreement between the Prince Estate and Universal Music Group last year.  Both parties couldn’t agree which albums and singles the deal covered.  According to sources speaking to Variety, “the main points of contention in the Universal deal were the expiration dates of Warner’s rights to certain recordings.”

Eventually, a court voided the $31 million deal Bremer Trust had set up between both parties.

Today, SME/Legacy has released 23 Prince albums on all major streaming music services.  A statement from SME/Legacy notes that “more than 300 essential Prince songs [have been added] to the artist’s online-in print catalog.”

The albums released today cover his works from 1995 to 2010.  These include The Gold Experience, 3121, Emancipation, and Chaos and Disorder.

The statement from Sony/Legacy adds,

“For Prince, 1995-2010 was an unprecedented period of sustained and prolific creativity.  Releasing fresh recordings at a rapid-fire pace through a variety of distribution strategies, including his own online NPG Music Club, Prince was making some of the most provocative, experimental and soulful music of his career.”

NPG Records and Legacy Recordings have also released a new 37-track compilation album – Anthology 1995-2010.

In 2021, SME/Legacy will distribute Prince’s recordings from 1978-1996.  Albums will include Prince, Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999, Around the World in a Day, Sign O’ The Times, Lovesexy, Diamonds and Pearls, and Love Symbol.  The distribution rights of late singer’s soundtrack albums – Purple Rain, Parade, and Batman – will stay with Warner Music.

You can check out the new Prince albums digitally released by SME/Legacy below.

The Gold Experience (1995) (“The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” grayed out, partial album streaming only; album unavailable for download)

Chaos and Disorder (1996)

Emancipation (1996)

Crystal Ball (1998)

The Truth (1998)

Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (1999)

Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (2001)

The Rainbow Children (2001)

One Nite Alone… (2002)

One Nite Alone…Live! (2002)

One Nite Alone…Live – The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over (Up Late with Prince & The NPG) (2002)

Xpectation (2003)

N.E.W.S. (2003)

C-Note (2004)

Musicology (2004)

The Chocolate Invasion (Trax from the NPG Music Club: Volume 1) (2004)

The Slaughterhouse (Trax from the NPG Music Club: Volume 2) (2004)

3121 (2006)

Planet Earth (2007)

Indigo Nights (2008)

LOtUSFLOW3R (2009)

MPLSoUND (2009)

20Ten (2010)

Prince Anthology: 1995-2010

You can also find the tracklist for Anthology: 1995-2010 below.

‘Emancipation’ (Emancipation – 1996)

‘Black Sweat’ (3121 – 2006)

‘P. Control’ (The Gold Experience 1995)

‘Crucial’ (Crystal Ball – 1998)

‘The Love We Make’ (Emancipation – 1996)

‘Eye Hate U’ (The Gold Experience – 1995)

‘The Greatest Romance Ever Sold’ (Rave Un2 the Fantastic – 1999)

‘Eye Love U, But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore’ (Rave Un2 the Fantastic – 1999)

‘Gold’ (The Gold Experience – 1995)

‘Guitar’ (Planet Earth – 2007)

‘Dream Factory’ (Crystal Ball – 1998)

‘The Work, pt. 1’ (The Rainbow Children – 2001)

‘Call My Name’ (Musicology – 2004)

‘Strays of the World’ (Crystal Ball – 1998)

‘Shhh’ (The Gold Experience – 1995)

‘Dreamer’ (Lotusflow3r – 2009)

‘Chaos and Disorder’ (Chaos and Disorder – 1996)

‘Endorphinmachine’ (The Gold Experience – 1995)

‘Musicology’ (Musicology – 2004)

‘Northside’ (The Slaughterhouse – 2004)

‘When Eye Lay My Hands on U’ (The Chocolate Invasion – 2004)

‘Beautiful Strange’ (Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic – 2004)

‘Future Soul Song’ (20Ten – 2010)

‘Empty Room’ (C-Note – 2003)

‘3rd Eye’ (The Truth – 1998)

‘U’re Gonna C Me’ (One Nite Alone… – 2002)

‘Dinner with Delores’ (Chaos and Disorder – 1996)

‘Ol’ Skool Company’ (Lotusflow3r – 2009)

‘4ever’ (Lotusflow3r – 2009)

‘West’ (N.E.W.S. – 2003)

‘Xpedition’ (Xpectation – 2003)

‘Muse 2 the Pharaoh’ (The Rainbow Children – 2001)

‘Somewhere Here on Earth’ (Planet Earth – 2007)

‘U Make My Sun Shine’ (The Chocolate Invasion – 2004)

‘1+1+1 Is 3’ (The Rainbow Children – 2001)

‘Chelsea Rodgers’ (Planet Earth – 2007)

‘We March’ (The Gold Experience – 1995)


Featured image by @DrGarcia (CC by 2.0)