Drake Secures Partial UK Distribution Rights to Police Brutality Film ‘Monsters and Men’

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UK distributor Altitude has announced a new partnership with Drake for the UK distribution rights to the upcoming drama, Monsters and Men.

Altitude says this collaboration is the first of many projects it plans to produce in partnership with Drake.

The drama is shot in Brooklyn, and stars John David Washington, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Anthony Ramos in a film about police brutality.  The  movie tracks the aftermath of the murder of a black man at the hands of police, told through the eyes of a bystander who witnessed and filmed the act.

Altitude Film Entertainment CEO Will Clarke said the film is highly relevant to today’s culture.

“The film is powerful, emotionally provocative and highly relevant and the combined resources of Drake and ourselves is a unique and potent combination to reach the largest audience in the UK and Ireland. We look forward to Monsters and Men being the first of many projects on which we work together.”

The movie will be released in the UK and Ireland starting January 11, 2019, following the film’s debut in the United States.

The movie will be shown in New York and Los Angeles starting September 28th.

Drake hasn’t officially weighed in on the partnership, but long-time business partner Adel Nur had this to say:

“Drake and I are incredibly proud of Monsters and Men and what we know it will accomplish.  We are also honored to work with remarkable first-time filmmaker Reinaldo Marcus Green on this important project that helps to continue the conversation around an important issue facing communities everywhere.”

Monsters and Men won the Sundance Special Jury Award for Outstanding First Feature. The feature just wrapped up screening at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and has one more appearance to make on September 14th before its limited-release debut.

Drake was not a part of the production and became a part of the project after its completion. He was slated to speak onstage about the Canadian premiere of the flick but canceled last minute.