Third Man Records Opens a Old School Photo Lab In Nashville

The dark digs at Third Man Records' Photo Studio in Nashville.
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The dark digs at Third Man Photo Studio in Nashville.

A celebrated producer of vinyl records has announced a new old school photo studio.

Third Man Records in Nashville soft-launched the venture this summer.  Like its Detroit vinyl records plant, Third Man Photo Studio is now open to the public.

The professional photo and development lab features photo chemists that hand-process several different types of film.  Color negative, black & white, and color positive films are processed using traditional techniques to create unique, high-quality prints.

The photo lab combines both modern and traditional practices for photo development.  The lab’s photo chemists can convert any digital image into a physical negative to use in the process.  Digital negatives produced this way make it possible to create infinite fine art replicas of digital photos.  The prints created are one-of-a-kind archival quality.

The lab is tucked away in the walls of the famed Blue Room music venue.

The lab is currently processing several different film sizes including 110, 120, 220, and 35mm. Prices range from $7 for a C41 film print up to $13 for an E6 print.  The lab also offers photographic enlargements that start at $33 for an 8×10 or smaller and ranges up to $93+ for a 20×24 print.

For budding photographers that are interested in learning more about classic photo developing techniques, the studio also offers classes. Film processing classes for black & white, color, slide film, and cross processing is available. Classes start at $100 for black & white up to $150 for cross processing.

Third Man Records was launched in 2001 by Jack White in Detroit, Michigan.

The current Nashville location opened in 2009 and features a record store, novelties lounge and recording booth, label offices, and now a photo studio.  It’s also the home of the world’s only live venue with direct-to-acetate recording capabilities.

(If you’re ever in Detroit, a visit if highly recommended).

Third Man has played an instrumental role in resuscitating vinyl records.  Vinyl is one of the few categories of physical music distribution that is growing year-over-year, and perhaps analog photography will make a similar comeback.

The backing of Jack White and Third Man greatly increases the chances of that happening.