Global Bull-Charges Into the Canadian Digital Audio Advertising Market — Introducing ‘DAX Canada’

Canada’s digital audio advertising has grown.  Global now wants in.

Global has made a strong play into the Canadian digital advertising market.

Earlier today, the media and entertainment group announced the acquisition of the digital audio sales division of leanStream.  The streaming audio solutions provider serves broadcasters and advertisers both in Canada and around the world.

The acquisition brings the launch of DAX, a digital audio advertising platform, to Canada.  This gives Global a strong ad sales and tech footprint in the country.  The launch of DAX Canada means local advertisers can now use the platform’s audience targeting and audio attribution tool – Listener Insight ID – across leanStream’s existing publisher portfolio.

With the launch of DAX Canada, Global’s global digital audio advertising platform grows to 165 million people streaming digital audio through premium publisher brands.  Publishers with inventory on DAX include SoundCloud, TuneIn, HowStuffWorks, Capital and Radio X, and Bauer Media’s Kiss.

Following the acquisition, Chris Nimigon, leanStream’s Chief Revenue Officer, has become Chief Revenue Officer of DAX Canada.  He’ll lead the business.  leanStream’s current sales team members will also join DAX.  The solutions provider will continue to sell its digital streaming services.  Existing providers with inventory on the leanStream roster include TuneIn, 8tracks, and Adwave Canada.

With the launch of DAX, Global has added Toronto to its list of office locations.  The media and entertainment group has its headquarters in London.  DAX divisions include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Hamburg, and Paris.

Speaking on the digital audio sales division acquisition, Mike Gordon, Global’s Chief Commercial Officer, said,

We’ve [watched] the Canadian market for a while now, and feel it’s ripe for growth.  Our vision is to add the DAX data and attribution capabilities to leanStream’s broad publisher portfolio to deliver a world-class audio solution for Canadian advertisers.

Chris Nimigon, DAX Canada’s newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer, added,

The demand for digital audio content continues to develop at a significant rate, and the launch of this new business presents a fantastic opportunity for the market in Canada to grow.

I’m looking forward to rolling out DAX’s advanced technology – from audience targeting, personalized ads, and sophisticated measurement – to our clients and partners across Canada.


Featured image by Jared Grove (CC by 3.0).