LFO Singer Devin Lima Passes Away at Age 41

LFO in the 90s (Lima is 2nd from l)
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LFO in the 90s (Lima is 2nd from l)
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LFO in the 90s (Lima is 2nd from l)

LFO singer Devin Lima has lost his battle with stage 4 cancer.

The singer passed away early Wednesday morning. He was 41.

His mother Filomena Lima spoke briefly with Us Weekly about the death of her son.  “His fiancée was living with him and let us know that he passed at 2:45 in the morning,” Filomena stated.  “He was struggling for 13 months since his cancer diagnosis.”

“The family is not good.”

LFO gained popularity in the 90s as a boy band headed by Brad Fischetti, with perhaps the most memorable track being “Summer Girls”.  The group started as a trio with Rich Cronin as lead singer, but LFO disbanded in 2010 after Cronin passed away at age 35.

Recently Lima and Fischetti reunited to begin a new LFO tour in 2017. The duo released their first song in ten years titled, “Perfect 10” just last year. You can listen to it below.

Lima was scheduled to start touring earlier this year, but those plans were put on hold at the end of 2017 after he was hospitalized.

Doctors discovered a tumor the size of a football on his adrenal gland. The cancer soon spread to his kidney, which had to be removed.

Fischetti delivered the news to fans in a YouTube video in October of last year, stating that the tour would be postponed until Lima could recover.

“It’s devastating news, but at the same time, there’s nobody I know stronger than Devin Lima. No one has a stronger body, mind, or soul, and if anybody can defeat this, it’s Devin,” Fischetti said in the video.

Devin joined the band in 1999 to replace member Brian Gillis, a founding member since 1995.  The group has sold more than 4 million records worldwide and is best known for their hits “Summer Girls” and “Girl on TV.”

The final LFO album debuted in 2001 and was titled Life Is Good.