YouTube Originals Dabbles Into Artist Biopics With Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande will be the star of a new YouTube Original docu-series called Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries.

YouTube’s Premium video platform is already sagging, but the video giant is suddenly competing in the artist documentary arena.  The new docu-series will focus on footage of Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour and the making of new album, Sweetener.

The YouTube Original will air as a four-part series, with the first episode available on November 29th on Ariana Grande’s YouTube channel.  A new episode of the series will be released each week, and footage from Grande’s Manchester benefit show is also part of the mix.

Dangerous Woman Diaries is directed by Alfredo Flores and produced by Good Story Entertainment.

This new series marks one of the first times YouTube has turned to a high-profile star to help promote the service.  YouTube Originals were supposed to be a way to compete with Netflix and Hulu, but most of the shows have failed to gain a widespread following.

YouTube Premium will be offering up the entire show up to three weeks early. Ariana Grande fans who have YouTube Premium can catch the full series tomorrow.

Exactly how this fits into YouTube’s broader music strategy is anyone’s guess.  That is, assuming a cohesive strategy actually exists.  At this stage, it’s unclear if the Grande series is being pushed into the YouTube Music platform at all.

Check out the official trailer below.

With YouTube’s renewed focus on developing its music presence, more high-profile content around superstars like Grande might become a staple.

We’ve already seen Apple Music releasing exclusive documentaries of popular artists like Chris, Rainbow the Film, and Songwriter.

YouTube Originals were previously shows from famous YouTube creators, so it’s interesting to see YouTube relying on high profile singers to help promote YouTube Premium.