An AirPods Wireless Charging Case Is Coming Soon — But Is an All-New Design Arriving In 2020?

Apple's original marketing image of the AirPower mat, which includes a AirPods wireless charging case.

Apple’s original marketing image of the AirPower mat, which includes a AirPods wireless charging case.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, an internal document might suggest that a new generation of AirPods is on the way.

The insider document revealed a device with “wireless charging support” and upgraded Bluetooth 5.0.

The note might be alluding to Apple’s announced wireless charging case for AirPods that has been absent for more than a year. Both the case and AirPower mat have been absent from Apple’s product offering since 2017 when they were unveiled.

Apple revealed both wireless charging devices alongside the iPhone X.

Apple fans have been clamoring for official accessories and the wireless future Apple promised, but have come up short.

If this internal document is referring to the wireless charging case for AirPods, it might mean that the AirPower mat will soon follow.  The new case is expected to be more expensive thanks to a “rigid-flex board” making it more costly to manufacture.

Right now, replacement AirPods cases are only offered through Apple Support for $69. Analysts believe the AirPods wireless charging case might see a price of $99.

If the new wireless case doesn’t launch with a new set of AirPods, fans might not see the justification in these expensive accessories. The upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 spec does suggest there might be a slight model refresh for 2019.

The custom W1 chip inside the AirPods makes it easy to sync the two buds together for instant pairing and switching between linked devices.  Perhaps the next generation of AirPods will feature an upgraded chip with new functionality.

Kuo hinted at a new design for the AirPods in 2020 but offered no further details.

Wireless charging has been something of a pain for iPhone users since Apple removed the headphone jack.  Bluetooth audio and wireless charging are the new standard, but the lack of official wireless charging accessories is glaring.

Get ready to ditch the wires for good in 2019.