9 Ways To Use Your Home Recording Studio To Make Money

Cassette tapes (photo: LORA)

photo: LORA

Owning your own recording studio is a privilege. The fact that you can record your own music at any time gives you a lot of freedom and opportunity for freelance audio jobs.

However, you are not always using your studio and during those breaks, you could be making some money!

If you are looking to make some extra cash while your next album is in production? Check out these awesome freelance audio jobs you can do from home using your equipment!

1. Offer Music Lessons

If you are a musician or recording artist, you can make money teaching others online or in-person. These lessons do not have to be limited to a musical instrument or singing.

For example, you can offer one-on-one tutoring lessons or give lessons to a group about audio editing and recording. If someone does not yet own a home recording studio, you can offer your services by letting them know what equipment they will need to set up one and what the benefits are.

You can do video recordings of these lessons as well and place them on YouTube for the public. It may take a while to start earning from your YouTube videos but if you are really good and you gain a large viewership that is a big step in the right direction.

 2. Create Online Courses

If you do not like the pressure of doing face to face lessons, you can create online courses and sell them. Let’s say you have an expertise in audio engineering, you can create short courses or even master courses, teaching others what you know.

If you are not too familiar with the process, you may need to watch some tutorials on how to create courses or use an existing template. There are some course building websites that can make the process easier for you, however, you can check out Udemy, Skillshare or Open learning to learn more about this process.

3. Do Freelance Audio Jobs

Mixing, producing, mastering and tracking may all take a long time to grasp and perfect. Hence, you will need to ensure that you have good, quality equipment that will provide your clients with an excellent quality of work.

This will ensure that you have repeat clients and will, in turn, increase your demand. Also, bear in mind that you will need to be highly skilled in the service that you are offering, whether it is mixing engineering or audio engineering. There is no harm in investing the time to become competent in these skills so that your clients can get a good, quality, professional sound.

4. Create a Podcast

Apart from being a lot of fun, making a podcast can be an income earner as well, if you put in the time and effort. Making a podcast does not require much high-end equipment either, a simple microphone and some editing skills would do.

If you find that you love to inspire, share knowledge, give advice or do commentaries, a podcast may just be your next best thing! Bear in mind that it will not make you into an overnight millionaire but the joy and satisfaction that you get from impacting people’s lives will be well worth it.

 5. Create Soundtracks

The rise of social media influencers has created a need for more soundtracks. Many influencers use soundtracks at the beginning, ending or throughout their content. This opens up an opportunity for persons who have home recording studios as you can make extra money by selling your soundtracks to influencers.

If you are having difficulty finding buyers, you may consider doing stock music and uploading them on sites such as Music Vine, Artlist and Audio Jungle. You can spend your free time creating great music and selling them on these sites or you can create custom music for influencers as the need arises.

 6. Offer Live Band Performances

You can take your home recording studio outside of your home, every now and then, in order to make some extra cash. You can do live performances at special events such as weddings, school ceremonies, concerts or family gatherings.

You may need some additional equipment, such as a P.A. system for larger events but if that is not currently within your budget, you may stick to smaller functions. Not only do they pay, but these live performances give you a lot of exposure and experience. Your reputation will increase and so will your demand. That is also a great way to network and meet new people, even other music professionals.

7. Sell Voiceovers

Freelance job sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and Hubstaff Talent usually advertise for voiceover talents. Take advantage of the need and delve into this exciting experience.

Persons usually need voiceovers for their television or radio ads, videos, movies, plays or for narrating books. This can become a great learning experience and income earner.

In fact, this industry is booming due to the advent of the internet. You may find yourself with too much work. If this is the case, this site is a great way to outsource some of the work, so that you don’t lose clients.

8. Rent Your Home Recording Studio

There are many upcoming artists who would just love the feel of being in an actual studio, voicing their first song. Why not make that possible by renting your studio?

If you don’t have a problem with strangers entering your home and you are at a convenient location, renting your studio can become a great income earner.

Be mindful of the risks, however, and ensure that you carefully vet your prospects. If this is something that you are comfortable doing, you may list your studio on your local forum, classifieds or on studiotime.io or any other similar platforms.

A Final Look at Making Money With Your Home Studio

Whether you have an upscale home recording studio or just some recording equipment in your basement, there are tons of freelance audio jobs that you can choose from.

There is no need for your studio not to make you money in your downtime. All you have to do is take a careful look at the best options for you when it comes to making money.