10 Best Band Marketing Strategies and Tips to Get Noticed

What if you got the band back together but nobody knew about it?

Being a successful band is about more than killer music and lyrics. It also takes top-notch band marketing to make sure the whole world hears about you and your music.

Want to learn how to get your music streaming to fans all over the planet? Keep reading to discover the 10 best marketing strategies for your band.

1. Hone the Brand

So, you put together a band? Here’s your first challenge: differentiating yourself from the thousands of other bands out there.

That’s why “step one” is honing your brand. Are you Bon Iver meets Run the Jewels? Or are you Lana Del Rey by way of Post Malone?

It’s important to get your look and sound just right at the very beginning. Otherwise, you’ll fade into the background because potential fans won’t know what makes you unique.

2. Social Media Mogul

Here’s some good news: you already have access to one of your best marketing tools. And for the most part, using it is completely free.

We’re talking about social media. It’s crucial to create band accounts on a variety of social media platforms.

This allows you to advertise events, promote new music, and engage with your fans. And every person that likes or shares your content helps to spread the word!

3. Unconventional Marketing

Remember when we talked about standing out? In marketing, that’s easier said than done.

For example, every new band dreams of a write-up in Pitchfork or The Rolling Stone. But that means there is a ton of competition for such coveted coverage.

Try sending music to unconventional sources. Your yacht rock album may go over well with a sailing magazine. Alternately, your post-punk manifesto may be a hit with the local anarchist ‘zine.

At the end of the day, fans are fans. Find new ways to grow your own fanbase.

4. Make a Newsletter

You may think a digital newsletter is a little old-fashioned. However, this is one of the best and most reliable ways to reach your biggest fans.

Think about it: people have to “opt-in” to a newsletter. And the only people who will take the time to do this are those that want to get the latest news about your band.

Don’t forget that e-mail has a very high open rate, too. If you send someone a message, they are very likely to see it. And that makes e-mail a great way to sell albums and other merch to fans.

5. Craft a Sick Logo

Does your band have an awesome logo? If the answer is “no,” then stop what you’re doing and get to it!

Logos are a key element of your brand identity. And they also form the heart of the promotional merchandise that helps keep the band going.

Once you have a great logo, you can start designing things like promo t-shirts and buttons. In fact, you can make things much easier for yourself with a campaign button template.

6. Own Up To Your Influences

Look, we get it: you’ve worked your butt off to create a unique sound. Nonetheless, potential fans always have the same question: “who do they sound like?”

Instead of fighting this, you should go along with it. For example, your website and band biography should mention which popular bands you sound like.

This “piggybacking” strategy helps you lure over fans of those bands who crave a similar sound. You can even take this strategy to the next level by writing lyrics and song titles that include the names of popular properties or current events.

It’s just the way of the world. Many won’t check out something new unless they first think it will be familiar.

7. Slick Website

This should go without saying, but your band needs a website. Not something you slapped together in a day, either, but a professional-looking site.

When someone hears about your band, the first thing they’ll do is check out your website. If the site is attractive and easy to navigate, they’ll want to check out more about your music.

Keep in mind the website is a central hub for promoting music, advertising events, and selling merch. That means it’s worth your time to make the site look good!

8. Local Hype

Sure, you dream of playing famous venues and touring all around the world. But it’s important to generate local hype first.

Take the time to play at local coffee shops and street festivals. It’s a chance to win over local fans and even get some local press coverage.

Those local fans will then generate word-of-mouth marketing for your band. And that, more than any other strategy, will win new people to your sound.

9. Snag An Agent

Don’t think you need an agent yet? Think again!

A good agent can help with organizing and promoting your band. Most importantly, they can help negotiate a fair deal for any performance where you’re getting paid.

Don’t forget that agents also take the heat for you. They can afford to play hardball during negotiation without making the actual performers look bad in front of the client.

That means you’ll get more work…and get paid more for it!

10. Gently Down the Streams

Live music is great, and we all love a good CD or record. But most people now listen to music by streaming it online.

It is both easy and cheap to get your music on major services such as Spotify. This gives people browsing for new music a chance to stumble on your band.

When you make fans this way, they turn around and curate your music into a streaming playlist. Now, anyone who checks out that playlist will be exposed to your music!

Not only is this marketing strategy insanely effective, but it’s something you can do today.

Band Marketing: Time to Rock

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