5 Things You Should Know Before Enrolling in Dance Class

If you love dancing and are considering signing up for your first dance class, then virtual high five to you!

You might be wondering, what next? We are here to help you navigate the beginning of this dancing journey.

Keep reading to learn five things you should know before you enroll.

1. What Type of Dance Do You Want to Pursue?

First things first: what dance classes do you want to take? There are options upon options, and you have to choose what you love and what you want to expand on. Whether it’s tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, flamenco, etc., you first have to pick.

Once you’ve picked the dance you want, you can contact different studios like this dance academy and learn more about their programs.

2. Shoes and Attire

After you know the dance classes you want to enroll in and have looked up dance academies in your area, it’s time to figure out what you will need to wear to dance class. Each dance studio might have its own clothing regulations, but typically, you want to make sure that your shoes are in good condition to help you perform your best.

Double-check what you have to wear to class and stock up on a few outfits and tights, along with any other accessories you might need.

3. Dance Bag

Every dancer wants to have a dance bag ready to go. A well-prepped dance bag will have things like:

  • Hair accessories
  • Healthy snacks
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Extra set of dance attire
  • Water bottle
  • Band-aids
  • Deodorant
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If you are heading to dance class straight from school or from work, having your bag ready to go will make life much easier.

4. Ask About the Floor

While this might sound silly or you might feel weird asking the potential dance academy about, it’s important. The dance floor in the studio should be geared for dancers. Dance students are always risking feet and ankle injuries if they are practicing on hard floors such as concrete.

The dance floor where you are learning should have a floor that will not put your feet at risk. If the academy makes the investment in protecting their dance students with the appropriate floor, this is a huge green flag that they care. Ideally, you want an academy that has a sprung subfloor because this will be gentle on your joints.

5. Cleanliness

You will be in close contact with the floor and it is your right to know how the studio cleans their floor. Even if no one wears street shoes on the dance floor, there is sweat and dead skin cells falling on the floor on a daily basis.

Ask about their cleaning protocol and make sure you are ok with the cleaning products they use and that you are not allergic to anything. The last thing you need is a terrible rash because you didn’t know or think about asking about what they use to clean.

Ready for Dance Class?

Now that you know more about enrolling in a dance class, we hope you’re feeling better prepared. Dancing is good for the soul and if you love this activity, what better way than dancing to make you feel happy?