Warner Music Group’s ‘Record Store Crawl’ Is Hitting Major U.S. Cities — Here are the Upcoming Dates

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photo: Kevin Laminto

Think of this like ‘Record Store Day — The Tour’.

Warner Music Group has announced a new series of dates for its Record Store Crawl event.  Several locations across the country are featured in the fourth annual event.

The very first crawl kicks off on Record Store Day, which is April 13th.  The NYC event will be followed by events in other major cities including Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Warner Music Group has been sponsoring the annual Record Store Crawl event series since 2016.  It always kicks off on Record Store Day in New York and runs from April until October.

Attendees will be treated to live performances as they explore the best record stores available in the featured city.  Swag bags with exclusive vinyl records and limited editions will also be available.

Hollis Brown and Sophie Auster are headlining the New York City event.  The NYC Record Store Crawl date includes lunch and bottomless Deep Eddy Vodka at Hill Country BBW Market, as well as a limited edition David Bowie tote bag.  There are also various coupons for up to 20% off records at a variety of shops featured while on the tour.

Tickets for each location are now available to purchase on the official website. A dditional performers and perks for those performances will be announced soon.

Record Store Crawl merch is also available on WMG’s site.

Upcoming Record Store Crawl Dates

  • 4/13 – New York, NY
  • 6/1 – Minneapolis, MN
  • 6/22 – Seattle, WA
  • 6/29 – Rochester, NY
  • 6/29 – Birmingham, AL
  • 7/20 – Orlando, FL
  • 7/20 – Los Angeles, CA
  • 8/10 – Portland, OR
  • 8/24 – Nashville, TN
  • 8/25 – Austin, TX
  • 10/5 – Phoenix, AZ
  • 10/19 – Chicago, IL

For more information about any of these events in their target cities, check the official Record Store Crawl website.  You can also get a sneak preview of which exclusive vinyls will be available at which event locations.

Some past event host cities have included European hubs like London and Berlin.