Make Music On-the-Go by Using the Best Android Music Making Apps

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The professional recording studio is a thing of the past. Artists may have needed thousands of dollars of equipment to make a hit before, but now all they need is a phone!

Just ask Grammy-nominated Steve Lacy, who recorded a whole album on his iPhone.

Don’t let a lack of studio money keep you from making music. Here are the best Android music making apps available right now.

1. FL Studio

FL Studio, aka Fruity Loops, comes with everything you need to produce a hit.

FL Studio has the highest quality synthesizers and samples available. Whether you’re producing a hip-hop beat or an electronic anthem, FL has you covered. Its post-production editing tools let you tweak your final product to perfection.

FL Studios has been used to make some real hits, including Rockstar by Post Malone!

FL Studio is a professional level tool at a very affordable price. Download the Fl Studio Mobile Apk For Android and see what the hype is all about.

2. Korg Kaossilator

This app puts a $300 synthesizer in the palm of your hand for only $9.99.

Korg Kaossilator offers one of the easiest and most fun ways to produce music. Just mess with the settings and move your finger around the screen. The app will produce amazing beats out of your movements.

This is a great app for those dipping their toes into music production.

3. Yellofier

With Yellofier, you can record any sound you want and apply it to a digital drum machine. Each colored square on the screen represents a new sound.

Yellofier lets you get creative with the sounds around you. You don’t need to record real instruments. Sometimes just a hand clap or tapping on a desk can be enough to make a great beat!

You can record a whole song straight from the Yellofier app. And it’s only $3!

4. FourTracks

FourTracks is a four-track recording studio on your Android.

The interface is simple. You’ll see each track right when you boot up. Just get your instruments out, set up your phone, and hit record. You can even upload pre-recorded audio files to FourTracks straight from your phone.

FourTracks gives you CD-quality recording right from your phone. Record lyrics, guitar, drums — nothing is off limits. FourTracks will capture it all with unmatched quality.

5. Roland Zenbeats

Zenbeats is one of the most feature-full recording apps of all time.

Like FL Studio, Zenbeats gives you control of every aspect of your song. You have tons of loops, synths, and instruments to pick from. Zenbeats gives you a digital keyboard, post-production tools, and lots of export options.

You can even record live instruments and sounds to use in Zenbeat’s digital drum machine.

Produce Real Hits With the Best Android Music Making Apps

You have no excuse anymore when it comes to starting that music career. Just download one of the best Android music making apps and get producing. You’ll be blown away by what you can accomplish with just a touch screen and your imagination.