Why Musicians Need Professional Headshots (And How to Get a Good One)

You’ve got a big musical gig coming up. Have you thought about how you’re going to promote it? For the most part, the best way is going to be through posters and brochures.

The picture on these posters needs to be of you obviously but that doesn’t mean you can get away with using a selfie from your phone. You need to go out and get a few professional headshots done. A pleasing headshot of you will gain a lot more attention for the gig than anything else.

As a musician, this isn’t the only instance where you’ll use your headshot. Keep reading for a whole list of reasons why you need one along with a little information about how to get one.

1. Creating Album Covers

You can use a variety of images for your album covers but nothing will quite pull new listeners in like a professional headshot.

It will show off your personality and tell new listeners the sort of music you play. For example, if you’re smiling and holding an acoustic guitar it will show your audience that you’re upbeat and that your genre is probably country.

2. Promoting Your Gigs

An interesting poster is the best way to bring people to your gigs. You can distribute them in large quantities to make sure as many potential audience members as possible see it.

Like with your album cover, you can use any sort of image for this poster but a headshot is your best bet. It shows that you’re a professional performer and gathers more interest in the gig.

3. Social Media

Part of being a musician is having a strong online presence. This being said, you’ll need a professional headshot for your social media pages.

It will allow you to communicate with your audience better than a blurry selfie can. It will also make you look more professional to other people in your field.

4. Be Ready to Invest

Now that you know why you need a headshot, we’re going to tell you how to get a good one. You’re probably familiar with the term “you get what you pay for” right? These are words to live by when you’re getting your headshots or any corporate photos done.

The more money you’re willing to invest in a professional photographer, the better your headshots will turn out. Since headshots are such an important part of your career, it’s worth it to go all out.

5. Choose a Photographer You Get Along With

You want your headshot to come across as authentic and show off your personality to the world. It’s hard to do that if you’re working with a photographer who you can’t stand.

Call around to different photographers and have sort of a mock interview with them. If you click during the interview then you should click during the actual photo session.

Are Professional Headshots Really a Necessity?

Professional headshots are an important part of any performance career. You’ll be using them for everything from your album covers to your gig posters. While you could take the pictures yourself, it’s better to invest in your career and go with a professional.